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Project Name
Engineering Services SOQ

Bid/Contract #

Awarding Agency
City of Jackson

Project Location
Jackson, Amador County, CA

Bid Date
02/01/2022 at 14:00

Project Details

The City will select qualified consulting firm(s) to provide on-call services related to federal and state funded projects, including, but not limited to, funding programs such as HSIP, BRLO, CMAQ, HIP, ATP, and others. The consultants shall provide civil engineering, master project planning, land surveying, construction management/administration, and grant writing services and follow the City Standards along with all pertinent State, Federal and City laws, rules and regulations.

This solicitation is not for specific projects, but for specific services. The services are to be rendered for the duration of the contract term. The City will execute on-call contract(s) for Civil Engineering Services for Federal and State funded projects. The City does not guarantee a specific number or dollar amount of projects will be contracted.



The City intends to undertake multiple projects that are state and federally funded. In order to comply with state and federal regulations and due to limited staffing and expertise, certain services are contracted out. The selected consultants shall perform site investigations, cost estimating, planning, preliminary engineering, civil engineering design, land surveying, construction management and other services as deemed necessary by the City for which the consultant(s) are qualified related to federal and state funded projects.

The consultant(s) shall only perform work that is assigned in an authorized Task Order. This Contract does not guarantee that a Task Order shall be issued. The consultants may provide services to the City including, but not limited to, the following:

Project Management - The City Manager will serve as the contract manager and direct liaison between the consultant and Caltrans District 10 Division of Local Assistance. The consultant shall be responsible for project management activities throughout the life of the contract and the scope of activities includes but is not limited to, coordinating and being responsible for scheduling meetings, managing the project schedule, preparing and distributing minutes, field reviews, tracking action items for the City and consultant subconsultants, and preparing all submissions for the City to submit to Caltrans Local Assistance.

Preliminary Engineering Studies - Develop general project locations and design concepts and related activities needed to establish the parameters for final design such as Geometrics, Hydraulics, Geotechnical, Bridge, Landscape Architecture, Traffic Operations, Electrical, ITS Elements, etc.

Surveys and Mapping - The consultant shall be responsible for data collection, mapping and surveying necessary for preliminary engineering, design, cost estimates, right-of-way impacts, and the level of environmental clearance. The scope of comprehensive base mapping and surveying includes but is not limited to Control Surveys, Aerial Photogrammetry, Limited Design Level Topographic Surveys, Right-of-Way Retracement, and a Record of Survey.

Environmental Studies and Documentation - Undertake necessary CEQA and NEPA environmental review; including submitting the Caltrans Preliminary Environmental Study and preparing any required technical studies to complete the CEQA/NEPA document. Consultant will assist the City in preparing the CEQA document.

Utility Coordination - Submit improvement plans to utility companies in accordance with their requirements. Coordinate utility relocations, including relocation of the utility poles, as needed.

Right of Way Phase & Determination - Consultant shall prepare Request for Authorization to advance project to Right of Way Phase using procedures outlined in the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual. When authorized, consultant shall review right-of-way records and establish additional right-of-way along the entire alignment, if necessary.

Design - Design the improvements and prepare the plans, specifications, and estimates in accordance with Caltrans Standards and AASHTO Geometric Design guidelines to achieve project objectives. Consultant shall examine and present project alternatives, as necessary, which complete project goals within construction budget. PS&E shall be submitted to the City at 60%, 90%, and final contract documents.

Coordination with Adjacent Properties - Coordinate with adjacent property to establish driveway locations and other modifications required in front of their property such as fence relocations, mailbox relocation, or tree removal.

Construction Phase Authorization - Consultant shall prepare Request for Authorization to advance project to Construction using procedures outlined in the Caltrans Local Assistance Procedures Manual.

Bid Process - Provide an electronic copy of the final approved plans and specifications, a mylar copy of the final approved plans, and a hard copy of the final approved specifications. The electronic copy of the plans shall be provided as both AutoCAD files and PDF files, and the electronic copy of the specifications shall be provided in both Microsoft Word format and PDF format. City will be responsible for making copies of contract documents and will distribute to plan rooms and contractors. Consultant shall respond to questions that arise during the bid phase and prepare addendums which will be distributed by the City, as necessary.

Construction Management - Consultant shall provide construction management and construction observation services during construction. Construction management scope of activities including but not limited to, convene a pre-construction meeting with City, contractors, utility company representatives, etc., perform construction staking, construction observation during construction , daily field reports, prepare and maintain detailed documentation including photographs and/or video if warranted, convene construction progress meetings as required, review contractor pay requests, review proposed change orders, review and recommend final acceptance of project by City.

Grant Administration - Consultant shall prepare and submit Requests for Authorization (RFA) to Caltrans Local Assistance for the various phases of work including, but not limited to the following:
▪ Preliminary Engineering (PE)
▪ Right of Way (R/W)
▪ Utility Relocation (RW/UTIL)
▪ Construction (CON)

Consultant shall prepare and submit Award Package and Final Report of Expenditures to Caltrans and shall assist the City on the preparation of Federal and State invoices. These services shall be in accordance with applicable law, Caltrans Standards, FHWA Standards, and the City's Standards.


All work performed under this contract will require approval by the City Contract Administrator and issued through a Task Order. A task order shall be requested from the Consultants to identify and refine the scope of services prior to the City issuing the task order. The task order shall identify and refine the scope of services for any specific project. The task order shall detail the tasks required for each project, schedule, DBE commitment, and projected costs. The costs will be based on the specified rates of compensation in the contract. The Contract Administrator shall confer with the consultants to establish the maximum fee, including expenses, for the specific project and the completion date. Pursuant to an authorized Task Order, the consultants shall provide engineering services and all necessary personnel, material, transportation, lodging, instrumentation, and the specialized facilities and equipment necessary to satisfy all appropriate agencies and required to ensure compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and Local statutes, laws, codes, regulations, policies, procedures, ordinances, standards, specifications, performance standards, and guidelines, applicable to the consultants' services and work product. The consultants are responsible for supplying and providing all necessary equipment and protective clothing in accordance with City standards.

The potential projects may vary in scope and size and may encompass any type of improvement for the transportation system including, but not limited to, roadway rehabilitation, widening and/or realignment of existing facilities, bridge replacement, relocation of existing facilities, and construction of new facilities. The project location, project limits, purpose, expected results, project deliverables, period of performance, project schedule, and scope of work to be performed shall be described in each Task Order. The consultants shall only perform work that is assigned in an authorized Task Order and an award of a contract does not guarantee any Task Orders will be issued. Work shall not begin until the Task Order has been approved by the Contract Administrator. The consultants shall maintain a set of project files that shall be provided to the City upon request. The consultants shall have the ability to respond in a timely and cost-efficient manner to City requests.


Consultant shall be paid based on the Specific Rates of Compensation for this Contract and for the amount as agreed upon by the City and consultant in a Task Order for each project.


The proposing consultant's services are federally funded, which necessitate compliance with Federal requirements. The proposing consultant shall complete and submit the following forms with the proposal to be considered responsive.

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (LAPM 10-Q)

Consultant in Management Support Role Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Statement (LAPM 10-U)

Consultant Proposal DBE Commitment (LAPM 10-O1). The City has an overall DBE goal of 32% for this Contract. Therefore, non-DBE proposers are required to retain DBE consultants for this contract. The DBE consultant(s) shall be listed on Exhibit 10-O1.

Consultant Annual Certification of Indirect Costs and Financial Management System (LAPM 10-K) A&E Consultant Financial Document Review Request (LAPM 10-A) - this form must be completed and submitted with the following Financial Documents based on selected category:

i. Category 1 Cognizant letter Prevailing Wage (PW) Policy for PW Contracts, or
ii. Category 2 Caltrans Acceptance Identification (ID) Number Prevailing Wage (PW) Policy for PW Contracts, or
iii. Category 3 Safe Harbor Rate Consultant Certification of Eligibility Contract Costs and Financial Management System (Attachment 1R) Questionnaire for Evaluating Consultant's Financial Management System (Attachment 2R) Prevailing Wage (PW) Policy for PW Contracts, or
iv. Category 4 Consultant Annual Certification of Indirect Costs and Financial Management System FAR Compliant Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) Schedule including FAR References and Disclosure Note AASHTO Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ) Appendix B Prevailing Wage (PW) Policy for PW Contracts
v. Category 5 - Consultant Annual Certification of Indirect Costs and Financial Management System FAR Compliant Indirect Cost Rate (ICR) Schedule including FAR References and Disclosure Note AASHTO Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ) Appendix B Post Closing Trial Balance Prevailing Wage (PW) Policy for PW Contracts

This solicitation is financed in whole or in part with Federal funds and therefore subject to Title 49, code of Federal Regulations, Part 26 entitled "Participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Department of Transportation Financial Assistance Programs". To ensure equal participation for 13 of 18 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) groups specified in 49 CFR 26.5, a DBE participation is required. Only participation by certified DBEs will count toward the contract goal for this solicitation. In order to count toward a contract goal, a firm must be certified by the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) and possess the work codes applicable to the type of work the firm will perform on the Agreement by the SOQ submittal due date.

For a list of work codes, go to http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/bep/find_certified.htm. It is the proposer's responsibility to verify that the DBE firm is certified as a DBE by the specified SOQ submittal due date and time.

For a list of DBEs certified by the CUCP, go to: http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/bep/find_certified.htm.

Reference "Statement of Qualifications Submittal Requirements" for detailed information and references to the required forms.

Required forms will be made part of the agreement. Federal and/or State prevailing wage rates may apply. This requirement, if applicable, will be specified in the CONSULTANT Agreement. Upon award and through completion of the contract, the successful proposing consultant will be required to follow applicable federal-aid requirements and shall complete and submit with the agreement the following forms at the time of award:

Local Agency Proposer DBE Information (Consultant Contracts) (LAPM 10-O2)
Any other relevant forms required during the project. Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: The consultant agrees to comply with all the requirements imposed by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (49 USC 2000D) and the regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation issued thereunder in 49 CFR Part 21.

Equal Employment Opportunity: In connection with the performance of the contract, the CONSULTANT shall not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, age, creed, sex, or national origin. Such action shall include, but not be limited to, the following: employment, upgrading, demotion or transfer, recruitment or recruitment advertising, layoff or termination, rates of pay or other forms of compensation, and selection for training, including apprenticeship.

Cost Principles, Financial Management and Accounting System Requirements: Contract Cost Principles and Procedures, 48 CFR, Federal Acquisitions Regulation Systems (FAR), Chapter 1, Part 31.000 et seq., shall be used to determine the cost allow ability of individual items. The overhead rate shall be established by an audit by a cognizant government agency or independent CPA firm. All firms submitting SOQs (prime consultants, joint ventures and subconsultants) must have internal control systems in place that meet Federal requirements for accounting. These systems must comply with requirements of 48 CFR 31, "Federal Acquisition Regulations, Contract Cost Principles and Procedures", 23 CFR 172, "Administration of Negotiated Contracts", and 49 CFR, Part 18, "Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Cooperative Agreements to State and Local Governments". Consultant shall demonstrate familiarity of providing services for federally funded projects and has clear understanding of requirements/needs to facilitate the projects through the City, Caltrans Local Assistance, and Local Assistance Procedures Manual.


The consultant's personnel shall be capable, competent, and experienced in performing the types of work in this Contract with minimal instruction. Personnel skill level should match the specific job classifications, as set forth herein or in the consultant's Cost Proposal and task complexity. The consultant's personnel shall be knowledgeable about, and comply with, all applicable Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations. The consultant responsible person shall be a licensed and qualified professional civil engineer experienced with design and administration of federal and state funded projects and shall be currently employed by the consultant or its Subconsultants at the time the deliverables are submitted to the City for consideration under the review and acceptance process.

The consultant is required to submit a written request and obtain the City's Contract Administrator's prior written approval for any substitutions, additions, alterations, or modifications to the consultant's originally proposed personnel and project organization, as depicted on the proposed consultant's organization chart or the consultant's cost proposals. The substitute personnel shall have the same job classification as set forth herein or in the consultant's Cost Proposal not exceed the billing rate, and meet or exceed the qualifications and experience level of the previously assigned personnel, at no additional cost to the City.

The consultant Contract Manager shall be a Registered Professional Engineer licensed in the State of California in good standing with the California State Board for Professional Engineer, Land Surveyors, and Geologists at all times during the Contract period, to perform the tasks described in this Contract and in the Task Orders.

In addition to other specified responsibilities, the consultant Project Manager shall be responsible for all matters related to the consultant's personnel, subconsultants, and consultant's and subconsultants' operations including, but not limited to, the following:

a. Ensuring that deliverables are clearly defined, and those criteria are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound.
b. Supervising, reviewing, monitoring, training, and directing the consultant's and subconsultants' personnel.
c. Assigning qualified personnel to complete the required Task Order work in coordination with the City Contract Administrator.
d. Administering personnel actions for consultant personnel and ensuring appropriate actions taken for Subconsultant personnel
e. Maintaining and submitting organized project files for record tracking and auditing.
f. Developing, organizing, facilitating, and attending scheduled coordination meetings, and preparation and distribution of meeting minutes.
g. Implementing and maintaining quality control procedures to manage conflicts, ensure product accuracy, and identify critical reviews and milestones.
h. Assuring that all applicable safety measures are in place.
i. Providing invoices in a timely manner and providing monthly Contract expenditures.
j. Reviewing invoices for accuracy and completion before billing to City.
k. Managing Subconsultants.
l. Managing overall budget for Contract and provide report to the City Contract Administrator.
m. Monitoring and maintaining required DBE involvement.
n. Ensuring compliance with the revisions in the Contract and all specific Task Order requirements.
o. Knowledge, experience, and familiarity with prevailing wage issues and requirements in the State of California.

As agreed upon by the City and consultant in a Task Order for each project.

As agreed upon by the City and consultant in a Task Order for each project.

Unless otherwise specified, the consultant shall provide all materials to complete the required work in accordance with the delivery schedule and cost estimate outlined in each Task Order.


The City shall be responsible for compensating the Consultant as provided in the Contract agreement for services rendered.

The City is to provide a "City Representative" who will represent the City and who will work with the consultant in carrying out the provisions of this RFQ. The Consultant shall communicate with the City Representative who will provide the following services:

a. Examine documents submitted to the City by the Consultant and render timely decisions pertaining thereto.
b. Give reasonably prompt consideration to all matters submitted by Consultant for approval to the end that there will be no substantial delays in Consultant's program of work
c. Process invoices submitted by Consultant
d. Approve or Deny all change order (CO) work submitted by Consultant
e. Provide Consultant with surveys, maps and other documentation, if available and necessary, for the completion of Consultant's work
f. Act as coordinator between Consultant and other City representatives
g. Provide City Record improvement drawings as necessary for the design
h. Provide exhibits of the available right-of-way for the project(s)

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SOQ Document link: https://cms8.revize.com/revize/jacksonca/Document%20Center/Announcements/2022%20RFQ-v2%20&%20scope%20&%2010%20i.pdf

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