is seeking qualified Architect License

Project Name

Architectural & Design Services for the Davis County Emergency Operations Center

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

Davis County Government

Project Location

Farmington, Davis County, UT

Bid Date

08/18/2022 at 05:00

Project Details

We are seeking quotes for design services for an Emergency Operations Center, through all the design phases required till post-construction. It is anticipated that a full complement of professional services shall be provided by the Architect selected for this Project.

The County plans to build a new Emergency Operations Center at the Facility (the "Project" or "EOC"). The high level Project description is a single floor approximately 16,000 square foot building, which meets FEMA requirements for an "essential facility"; structurally engineered at 150% of the International Building Code's lateral/earthquake force requirements for an earthquake up to a Richter Scale magnitude 7.4. The Project shall include, at a minimum, state-of-the-art audio/visual display systems, full functioning kitchen, designated men's and women's sleeping quarters and shower facilities for long-term activation, operations room, conference room, training room, storage rooms, voice & data equipment room, communications room/911 equipment room, in addition to offices for the emergency manager, assistant manager, tech room, public information officer, PPE/Logistics coordinator, planner, network administration, office manager, and administrative work area. The
County desires the Project to encompass numerous capabilities and redundancies allowing the EOC to continue operating in a disaster, for up to two weeks, without outside assistance (e.g. independent drinking water source, heating systems, large UPS, battery bank system, renewable energy source solar, diesel generator and fuel storage, power failure telephones and off-site telephone communication recovery lines provided via satellite). The Project design should address high efficiency heating and cooling systems, maximum use of natural lighting, and xeriscaping.

This project will be funded with SLFRF Federal funding, thus all the requirements under 2 CFR 200 must be followed.

SAM.Gov registration is required.

Architectural licensing required.

Experience in designing emergency operations centers is recommended for both the Architect and the Project Team.

All documents are available on SciQuest.com under Event # DACO202319385.

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Outreach Coordinator

Cindi Garrick


(801) 451-3492


(801) 451-3432


61 South Main
Farmington, UT 84025

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