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is seeking qualified DBEs, MBEs, WBEs, SBEs, WSSC/SLBE / MDOT MBE-WBE

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IDIQ CONTRACT NO. CI5335A17 / Project Number CICRLLLR6295B17

Awarding Agency


Project Location

Oxon Run Basin, Prince George's County, MD

Bid Date

11/29/2022 at 14:00

Project Details

Description of Project: The Work to be performed under this Task Order consists of the repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of 7,253 LF (1.37 miles) of defective sewer mains 1,393 LF (0.26 miles) of defective sewer laterals, and fifty (50) manholes located in the Oxon Run Basin, Prince George’s County, Maryland. “Davis-Bacon” Wage Rates Apply

Project Details: We are Seeking quotes for but not limited to; Replace Sanitary Sewer Pipe 8”at 0’-12’ Depth, Replace Sanitary Sewer Pipe 8” at 12’-20’ Depth, "Replace Sewer House Connection 4” by Excavation; 0’-12’ Depth", "Replace Sewer House Connection 6” by Excavation; 0’-12’ Depth", "Replace Sewer House Connection 4” by Excavation; 12’- 20’ Depth", "10” Diameter pipe Sewer External Point Repair at 12’-20’ Depth", "Furnish and Install 4” or 6” Cleanout up to 10’ depth of cut", "Furnish and Install 4” or 6” Cleanout in excess of 10’ depth of cut", "Removal of Existing Manhole and replace with Standard Manhole 4’ inside dia. with F&C, < 10’ Depth", "Removal of Existing Manhole & Replace w/ standard MH 4', >10' Depth", Removal of Lamphole and replace with Standard Manhole 4’ inside dia. with F&C up to 10’ depth, Reset/Set Manhole Frame and Cover, Furnish New 24”-36” Manhole Frame and Cover, Chimney Seal, Cementitious Reconstruction for 4’ Inside Diameter, Spray-on Epoxy Liner for 4’ Inside Diameter Manhole, 8” Diameter Sewer " Heavy Cleaning with Video, 4” Diameter Lateral " Cleaning with Video Inspection, Maryland State Highway Roads Restoration, Prince George’s County Roads Restoration, 4” Concrete Sidewalk, 6” Concrete Driveway, Curb and Gutter Replacement, Seed Grassing, Sod Grassing, Gravel- Trench Backfill, Borrow Material- Trench Backfill (Replacement of Unsuitable Materials), GAB: Graded Aggregate Base.

We are an equal opportunity employer, offer quick pay agreements and intend to negotiate with qualified Subcontractors for project participation.
Plans and specifications are available for review at our office or Digitally upon request. For assistance in obtaining bonds, lines of credit and or/insurance for this or any of the above information please contact AM-Liner East, Inc. at lwhetzel@amlinereast.com or LA Whetzel @ 540-955-9671 Ext. 109. Technical Questions should be directed to bids@amlinereast.com

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LA Whetzel

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Mel Willett / Peter Martin / Michael "Stucky" Wadding


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