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Oakwood Beach WRRF Sludge Thickening Improvements

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Awarding Agency

NYC - DEP ( New York City Department of Environmental Protection )

Project Location

Staten Island 10306, Richmond County, NY

Bid Date

12/06/2022 at 10:00

Project Details

NY DBE firms are encouraged to participate in this estimate.
Labor Type: Union and Prevailing Wage/Davis-Beacon
There is a Project Labor Agreement (PLA) tied to the Project.
American Iron & Steel

Principal Items of Work:
a. Structural Work: Rehabilitation of GT distribution box; installation of pump foundations; GBT foundations and containment curb; and new polymer storage tanks foundations and containment curbs.
b. Civil Work: Installation of fill station and chemical spill containment for liquid polymer delivery.
c. Architectural Work: Realignment of wall in new Electrical and Control Room, doors for new vestibules, roof and architectural details.
d. Mechanical Work:
1) Staged demolition, removal of gravity thickener sludge collection mechanism, gravity thickener distribution box, heat exchangers, pumps, piping and valves.
2) Removal and replacement of two 2-meter GBTs; sludge thickening mechanisms and drives for two (2) GT tanks; four (4) existing heat exchangers with tube in tube exchangers; piping where exterior corrosion is severe or section loss is evident based on the results of non-destructive testing; all plug valves, flexible connectors and sleeve couplings associated with the equipment being replaced; the flow meter on the WAS line; rate control valve on the WAS line with a plug valve and the flow meters on mixed liquor line and balance water line going into the waste sludge box.
3) Installation of three polymer feed units for the GBTs and polymer storage tanks.
4) Replacement of; four (4) sludge thickening pumps from the GTs; two (2) sets digested sludge transfer pumps to Port Richmond Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF); six (6) sludge recirculation pumps; six (6) sludge mixing pumps; two (2) seal water pumps (if seal water is required for new sludge transfer pumps for Port Richmond WRRF); and four (4) balance water pumps.
5) Installation of four (4) new Waste Sludge Pumps with suction side grinders; four (4) new gravity belt thickened sludge pumps from the GBTs; new sludge grinders upstream of each GT
thickened sludge pump, total of four (4); three (3) new flow meters and three (3) new plug valves for discharging GT and GBT thickened sludge to the digester hot loop; new sludge
blanket indicators in each GT, total of two (2); and new piping to convey digester overflow to sludge storage tanks.
e. Electrical Work: Replacement of all conduit and wire powering the equipment to be installed, fire suppression and devices associated with the polymer storage tanks and Fire Alarm System.
f. Other Work: Related instrumentation work consisting generally of installation of a master control panel with programmable logic controllers (PLC) in the MCC rooms with an Operator Interface
Terminal (OIT). Related HVAC work.

Drawings & Specifications
Contract documents, including plans & specifications can be viewed and downloaded at:

The Bidder will be required to quote in compliance with all project plans and specifications. Non-Disclosure Agreements are provided when applicable. Addenda is posted and notification is sent to all invited bidders.

Insurance Requirements
Upon award, Subcontractors must provide insurance in accordance with our subcontract agreement. A copy of the subcontractor agreement can be found in Building Connected Project Plan Room.

Bonding Requirements
For subcontracts the Bidder shall furnish Performance and Payment Bonds equal to the full subcontract price. For Material Contracts, the bidder shall furnish Supply Bonds in amount equal to full Material Contract price. Bond premiums are reimbursable by Jett Industries Inc.
Please provide current bond rate with Quote/Proposal or advise if you are unable to bond so that we my address this issue.

Submission of Proposals & Quotes
Proposals & Quotes from Contractors & Suppliers must be submitted on or prior to bid due date listed above. You can submit your quote two ways :

1) Upload your proposal to Building Connected
2) E-mail your quote/ proposal to Project Estimator Listed or procurementwcl@kiewit.com

How to get in touch

Outreach Coordinator
Patricia Salmon

Project Estimator
Dan Shults Dan.Shults@jettindustries.com
Telephone 607-433-2100
470 Chestnut Ridge Road
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677


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Outreach Coordinator

Tricia Salmon

Project Estimator

Dan Shults Dan.shults@jettindustries.com # (607) -433-2100


(201) 571-2697


(201) 571-2600


State Route 7 PO Box 219
Colliersville , NY 13747

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