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is seeking qualified DBEs

Project Name

Union Road Bridge Replacement

Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

County of San Bernito

Project Location

San Benito, San Bernito County, CA

Bid Date

03/30/2023 at 14:00

Project Details

Services needed: This is a bridge project with the typical items of work associated. Myers & Sons Construction, LLC is currently the General Contractor and is requesting quotes from all qualified subcontractors, trucking firms and suppliers including certified DBE firms for any part of the following types of work, including but not limited to:

Construction Stacking, Lead Compliance Plan, Construction Area Sign, Traffic Control System, Temporary Pavement Marking, Temporary Traffic Stripe, Portable Delineator, Portable Changeable Message Sign, Temporary Railing (Type K), Temporary Crash Cushion, SWPPP, Temporary Erosion Control, Street Sweeping, Contractor-Supplied Biologist, Natural Resource Protection Plan, Bird and Bat Deterrence, Invasive Species Control, Vibration Monitoring, Bridge Removal, Temporary High-Visibility Fence, Clearing and Grubbing, Non-Native Plant Removal (Mitigation Site), Roadway Excavation, Shoulder Backing, Structure Excavation, Structure Backfill, Lean Concrete Backfill, Imported Topsoil, Temporary Irrigation System, Landscape, Fiber Rolls, Hydroseed, Mitigation Hydroseed, Class 2 Aggregate Base, HMA, Place HMA Dike, Remove Asphalt Concrete Dike, Cold Plane Asphalt Concrete Pavement, Remove Base and Surfacing, Furnish and Drive Cast-In-Steel Shell Concrete Piling, Prestressing Cast-In-Place Concrete, Furnish Ready Mix, Retaining Wall, Approach Slab, Fractured Rib Texture, PTFE Spherical Bearing, Joint Seal, Rebar, Pedestrian Barricade, Clean and Thermal Spray Coat Structural Steel, Pipe Culvert, Pipe Casing, Relocate Water Line, Precast Concrete Pipe, Cast-In-Place Curb Inlet, Precast Drainage Inlet, Adjust Fran and Cover to Grade, Modify Drainage Structure, Rock Slope Protection, Minor Concrete, Misc. Metal (Bridge), Bridge Deck Drainage System, Anti-Graffiti Coating, Reset Mailbox, Fencing, Chain Link Fencing, Street Barricade, Metal Gate, Remove Fencing and Gate, Temporary Fencing, Remove Pavement Marker, Remove Delineator, Pavement Marker, Object Marker, Relocate Roadside Sign, Tubular Bicycle Railing, Alternative Crash Cushion, Transition Railing, Concrete Barrier, Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, Remove Painted Stripe, Remove Pavement Marking, Remove Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe and Pavement Marking, Signal and Lighting, Etc.

** All items are open for bid, including items of work normally performed by Myers & Sons Construction. Quotations will be broken down into comparable packages as reasonably necessary. Myers & Sons Construction will work with interested DBE subcontractors to identify opportunities to break down items into economically feasible packages.
Requirements: 100% performance and payment bonds may be required for the full amount of the subcontract price. Subcontractors must possess a valid contractor's license, DIR registration number, and current insurance meeting Myers & Sons Construction's requirements. Subcontractors will be required to sign the standard Myers & Sons Construction, LLC Subcontract Agreement. Quotations must be valid for one hundred and twenty (120) days after the specified Contract Award Date by the Owner. Plans and Specifications are available for viewing at our Sacramento office, please contact (916) 283-9950 or estimating@myers-sons.com. Plans and Specs can also be downloaded through www.ebidboard.com. Please call if you need assistance in obtaining bonding, insurance, equipment, materials and/or supplies or visit our website at www.myers-sons.com for more information. Myers & Sons Construction, LLC will work cooperatively with all qualified firms seeking work on this project. Myers & Sons Construction is signatory to the Laborers, Carpenters, Cement Masons and Operating Engineers. Myers & Sons Construction, LLC is an equal opportunity employer.

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Pada Vang

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Brooke Torres


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Sacramento, CA 95838

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