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ADA Upgrade and Circulations Improvements at Broadway Junction Complex

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Contract No. A37130

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Project Location

Brooklyn, New York County, NY

Bid Date

10/04/2023 at 02:00

Project Details

Broadway Junction requires a variety of upgrades to meet the guidelines set forth by ADAAG. Additionally, the project shall improve passenger circulation between the three stations. Four elevators are required to be installed at the Fulton Street Line (IND) platform, connecting to the street level station house on the east and to the new park entrance on the west. Two elevators are required to be installed at the Jamaica Line (BMT) connecting to the upper mezzanine level. Two elevators are required to be installed at the Canarsie Line (BMT) connecting to an overpass mezzanine level. A final elevator is required to be installed connecting the street level station house with the mezzanine level passageway.

The project can be broken down into three zones: Zone A/C, Zone J/Z and Zone L. Zone A/C consists of the A/C platforms, the western park entrance, the station house, and the passageway bridge. Zone J/Z consists of the J/Z platforms and the mezzanine above. Zone L consists of the ramp bridge, the L platforms, and the overpass mezzanine.

At Zone A/C, the following updates to the station shall occur. At the western end of the site, the project shall create a new entrance for the Fulton Street Line (IND). The existing ventilation structure within the Callahan-Kelly Playground will be demolished. The replacement structure will retain the ventilation area of the existing structure, while providing new fare control, business center, elevators, and stairs for the Fulton Street Line (IND). The park entrance will be constructed in two phases " the first will be an exit only structure, the second will incorporate the station entry equipment required by NYCT. In addition, the new structure will provide comfort stations for the Callahan-Kelly Playground, as directed by Parks.

Additionally, the street level station house will be renovated and expanded. The existing ventilation structure will be demolished and incorporated into the new vertical circulation elements " a set of new stairs and elevators serving the Fulton Street Line (IND). As a result of this reconfiguration, the existing men’s toilet, women’s toilet, cleaners room, and EPR will be relocated. Furthermore, the passageway connection to the BMT platforms will be expanded to the east, adding a new elevator and two new escalators. As a result, the station house entrance will be shifted to the east, creating larger unpaid and paid zones and improve circulation. Lastly, the station house will expand into the existing handball courts to create space for NYCT back of house programs.

At Zone J/Z, two new elevators will be provided at the Jamaica Line (BMT) platforms. The elevators shall be located at the western end of the existing mezzanine, to be as close as possible to the ADA boarding zones on the platforms. At Zone L, a new overpass mezzanine will be constructed above the Canarsie Line (BMT) platforms, expanding on the existing ramp bridge. Connecting the overpass mezzanine and the platforms will be two new elevators and one new stair.

All work must be performed conforming to the latest New York City Transit Design Guidelines, the 2015 IBC with 2017 Supplements, and other applicable Codes.

Please advise what work you are coded for along with description.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation

Questions or concerns may be addressed via email to dtran@schiavone.net

Schiavone is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Contractor.

Your participation is greatly encouraged and appreciated.

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