is seeking qualified SBEs, SDVOB - State of NJ

Project Name


Bid/Contract #


Awarding Agency

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Project Location

Multiple Cities, Multiple Counties County, NJ

Bid Date

10/17/2023 at 10:00

Project Details

Ferreira Construction Co., Inc. is seeking qualified SBE and SDVOB firms certified with the Department of the Treasury Division of Revenue and invites you to bid on Contract No. T100.564. Work items Ferreira is looking to potentially subcontract:

Asphalt milling and paving - 00050/00871/01030
Paint and clean Bridge Bearings - 00970
Concrete Bridge - 00120
Concrete Bridge Sawing - 00280
Field Office Furnishing Type E - 615-61500
Guide Rail - 00652
Reinforcing Steel Installation (Lumper) - 01260
Scheduling - 02070
Striping - 01020/01021
Traffic Control - 01810
Electrical-Bridge - 00420
Engineering �" Geotechnical and Bridge �" 925-92545/925-92546
Waterproofing �" Bridge - 01930
Drainage �" Bridge �" 00370/00380
Concrete Micro-Milling - 00260
Landscaping - 00800

Project Description: Contract No. T100.564, which involves the construction of a new Structure No. W112.72BR
Ramp SWT over Berry’s Creek Canal and new ramp alignment to the east of the existing ramp including column
supported embankment, 763 LF retaining wall, improvement to/lengthening of the deceleration lane, replacement of
two Overhead Sign Structures and the structural rehabilitation of Culvert No. W112.26, roadway, bridge and
navigational lighting and other incidental work. The new Structure No. W112.72BR will be 451 feet long by 58 feet
wide consisting of a three-span continuous steel superstructure, substructure includes two reinforced concrete
abutments supported on h-piles and two piers located in the water supported on drilled shaft foundations. The
contract includes the demolition of the existing Structure W112.72B. Project is from Milepost W112.0 to W112.7 of the
New Jersey Turnpike Westerly Alignment in East Rutherford, Bergen County, New Jersey.

Project Goals:

25% SBE Goal
3% DVOB Goal

Subcontractors please note:
Must have a Business Registration
Must have a Public Works License

Bid Estimate $90 Million

To obtain plans and specifications please visit our FTP site at:


Get in Touch

Outreach Coordinator

Megan Carton-Poole

Project Estimator

Frank Duba and Ben Toscano


(908) 534-8655


(908) 534-7763


31 Tannery Rd
Branchburg, NJ 08876

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