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Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency - T7, U4, U6 Wells PFAS Treatment, Saugus 1 & 2 Wells VOC Treatment and Disinfection Facility

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Awarding Agency

Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency

Project Location

Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, CA

Bid Date

03/01/2024 at 17:00

Project Details

*SWPPP *Survey *Traffic Control *Demolition *Saw Cutting and Core Drilling *Site Clearing *Earthwork *Aggregates *Trucking Import/Export *Fences And Gates *AC Paving *Concrete *Concrete Reinforcement *Precast Concrete *Cellular Concrete *Masonry *Structural and Misc Metals *Metal Deck *Carpentry *FRP Fabrications *Waterproofing *Thermal insulation *Roofing *Doors and Hardware *Roll-up Doors *Access Hatches *Paint & Coatings *Submersible Turbine Pumps *Static Mixing Equipment *Chemical Feed Systems *Sodium Hypochlorite System *Granular Activated Carbon System *Ion Exchange Treatment System *PE Storage Tanks *Piping SST/PVC/DIP *Pipe Supports *Valves *HVAC *Plumbing *Electrical *Instrumentation

2024-018 Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency - T7, U4, U6 Wells PFAS Treatment, Saugus 1 & 2 Wells VOC Treatment and Disinfection Facility, Project No. 2400420

Location: 25401 Bouquet Canyon RD, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

The Work to be done consists on the installation of an Ion Exchange (IX) treatment system and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) treatment system from an equipment supplier. The IX treatment system shall consist of two (2) horizontal cartridge filter vessels for pre-filtration, two (2) IX treatment trains with two (2) vessels operating in a lead-lag configuration for the PFAS treatment of T7, U6 and U4 Wells. The GAC treatment system shall consist of one (1) GAC treatment train with two (2) vessels operating in a parallel configuration for the VOC removal (TCE and PCE) of Saugus 1 and Saugus 2 Wells. The project also includes construction of a new chemical building at the site and liquid ammonium sulfate storage and feed areas. The chemical building shall house an on-site sodium hypochlorite generation system and sodium hypochlorite feed and storage system. New filter to waste pipe connections shall be added to the existing Saugus Wells and Q2 Wells IX treatment systems. In addition, new well pumps, motors and electrical upgrades shall be installed for T7, U6 Wells. A new air gap blending structure for the wastewater discharge shall be constructed as shown on the plans. The project also includes modifications to the pipeline and supports attached to the side of the bridge running across Bouquet Canyon Rd as well as abandoning various water pipelines and filling them with cell-crete. Contractor shall remove, protect, and return to the Owner all items covered in Appendix D.
Please Note ***Pursuant to SB 854 please include your Proof of Registration for doing Public Works Projects in CA with your quote ***All Equipment used on this Project must meet the current C.A.R.B Regulations*** Please note that GSE Construction is signatory to the Laborers Unions***

GSE Construction Co., Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Potential Subcontractors shall make themselves familiar with GSE’s Subcontract, by visiting our website, www.gseconstruction.com , and reviewing our subcontract document. GSE Construction requires that all potential subcontractors are prepared to provide a 100% Payment and Performance Bond from a US Treasury listed Surety Company. GSE will reimburse Subcontractors for the required bond premium, so please provide your bond rate at time of bid. The decision to bond any or all subcontractors shall be at the sole discretion of GSE Construction, unless the specific project contract documents have other requirements. Please contact us for any insurance, bonding or other project related questions.
For subcontracts greater than $100,000 in amount, performance and payment bonds in an amount equal to 100% of the subcontract price may be required, issued by sureties satisfactory to Contractor, with the reasonable premium charge for the bonds (which shall not exceed 1.75% of the amount of the subcontract) to be reimbursed by Contractor. In Contractor’s sole subjective discretion, Contractor may determine to waive or reduce this requirement. Please list any bond premiums as a separate line item. Subcontractor also shall be required to execute a subcontract that is in substantially the form of Contractor’s standard subcontract document, which is available for review at Contractor’s offices.

Bids 3/1/2024 at 5:00 PM

Eng. Est $15,900,000

Please contact us to provide you access to the project bid documents:

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