San Antonio makes strides in MWBE usage

TX News - Published May 17, 2023

The City of San Antonio has dramatically increased its utilization of minority- and woman-owned businesses (MWBEs) in its contracting over recent years, according to a new disparity study commissioned by the study which was issued this year.

The study covered the period of calendar years 2014 through 2020, and found that MWBEs received 53 percent of all City contract dollars spent during that period. A study delivered in 2015 put the number at 23 percent. The current City aspirational goal for MWBE spending, as set through its Small Business Economic Development Advocacy (SBEDA) program, is 41.2 percent. However, the study did identify disparities in utilization of businesses owned by specific demographic groups eligible for MWBE certification, with statistically significant underutilization of Black-, Asian-, and Native American-owned firms found.

The study made several recommendations in order to continue the SBEDA's efforts, as well as to remedy other remaining disparities located by the study, including: enhanced contract data reporting; setting annual aspirational utilization goals; setting contract-specific utilization goals; and developing performance measures for SBEDA program success.

"It's important that City resources and opportunities are accessible to all San Antonians," said Erik Walsh, City Manager, in a statement.

Read the press release from the City at https://www.sa.gov/Directory/News/News-Releases/More-Minority-and-Woman-Owned-Businesses-Secure-City-Contracts.

Read the disparity study at https://www.sanantonio.gov/SBO/Compliance/Disparity.