Clark Public Utilities Notice to Vendors

WA News - Published Aug 24, 2023

[NOTE that the text of the following notice was provided to DBE GoodFaith by Clark Public Utilities, and is being published as-is]


Clark Public Utilities of Clark County, Washington, has established vendor lists for supplying materials, equipment and supplies under RCW 54.04.082 and 39.04.190 which allows the Utility to publish notice of the existence of vendor lists and for the solicitation of suppliers wishing to be included on those lists.  Vendor lists will be used for the purchase of the same kind of materials, equipment or supplies when the total dollar amount exceeds $12,000 but is under $120,000, exclusive of sales tax.

You may register your company at https://clarkpud.procureware.com where you will create your vendor profile.  Fill in the appropriate information and select “Materials and/or Equipment” and choose the types of products your company would like to provide.

This is not a notice of bid, but will establish a list of vendors from which certain future purchases will be made.  Please call (360) 992-8041 for additional information.