Hudson County conducts disparity study

NJ News - Published Feb 05, 2024

Hudson County, New Jersey, has recently announced that the County will be conducting its first ever disparity study. The study will examine how the County and its agencies have done business with small and diverse businesses, in order to assess whether or not such businesses are being utilized by the county at rates that reflect their availability.

The particular categories of businesses that the study will examine are minority-, woman-, and veteran-owned enterprises. The study will also examine conditions for such businesses in the local marketplace more generally. While the study is ongoing, the conductors of the study will interview local stakeholders as well as performing more quantitative research.

Those interested in providing feedback and input on the study may do by phone at 602-704-0125 or by email at hudsoncountydisparitystudy@keenindependent.com.

"[D]iversity, equity and inclusion are essential to the success of my administration - an administration committed to expanding opportunity for all our residents," said Hudson County Executive Craig Guy in a statement.

Find the press release from the County at https://www.hcnj.us/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/HC-Disparity-Study-Release.pdf.