Montgomery County announces record utilization of small and diverse businesses

MD News - Published Mar 18, 2024

The Montgomery County Office of Procurement has announced that its Minority, Female and Disabled-Owned Business Program (MFD) and its Local Small Business Reserve Program (LSBRP) both attained record levels of funding for the businesses certified by the programs during fiscal year 2023.

During that period, the County awarded over $246 million in contracts to certified MFDs, representing 22.6 percent of eligible spending, and $305 million in contracts to certified LSBRPs, representing 31.3 of eligible spending. In both cases, these dollar figures represent the highest dollar amounts ever awarded to MFDs and LSBRPs in the history of the respective certification programs.

"I am pleased that we have been able to increase the dollar values of County contracts with minority, female and disabled-owned businesses, as well as local small businesses," said County Executive Marc Elrich in a statement.

Read the press release from the County at https://www2.montgomerycountymd.gov/mcgportalapps/Press_Detail.aspx?Item_ID=44871.