State of Maryland to conduct disparity study

MD News - Published Apr 01, 2024

The State of Maryland is conducting a Utilization and Availability Study, also known as a disparity study, into the experiences of minority- and woman-owned businesses (MWBEs) in doing, or attempting to do, business with the State. If the study finds statistically significant underutilization of MWBEs relative to their availability in the area, the study could form part of the legal basis on which race- and gender-conscious remedies are adopted to try and fix the underutilization.

The study will include statistical analysis of contract and business data, but will also include qualitative data such as can be gathered from MWBE interviews and public participation meetings. There is an online Vendor Survey available on the State's page for the disparity study (link below, at end of article). Additionally, a number of public engagement meetings, with one specifically for MWBEs in construction, will be hosted in May of 2024 (also linked from the disparity study's page below). Business owners that are interested in participating in interviews or focus groups should email StateofMDdisparitystudy@mgtconsulting.com. General comments may also be submitted to StateofMDdisparitystudy@mgtconsulting.com, by phone at 301-658-3440, or by a web contact form (also linked from the disparity study's page below).

Find the State's page for the disparity study, complete with links to the Vendor Survey, contact form, and meeting details, at https://stateofmddisparitystudy.com/.